Reviews and editorials of dark street level vigilante characters of pop culture media.

Dark Justice Podcast | Special: The Path of Vigilance

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Presented by THE ADVENTURE FREQUENCY PRESS - Born of Blood and Thunder, the Dark, Street Level Vigilante meets the world as it is, but own his own terms. The characterization of the anti-hero has been popular for centuries, and across cultures. What is the appeal of an individual who defines societal wisdom and convention in order to step into the gap between what the law will do, and what justice demands be done.

Come with us as we take a look at the roots of the archetype, from feudal Japan, to Medieval Europe, on into the American West. We'll examine the code and behaviors to the DSLV, even venturing into the crucible that forges just such a person.

Hosted by Paul Ellis.
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About this podcast

Presented by The Adventure Frequency Press the dark justice podcast focuses on ‘dark street level vigilante’ characters of pop culture media: comics; television; radio shows; books; movies; podcasts and more. If a character can be labeled a ‘dark street level vigilante’ we want to showcase the character with a podcast episode or series.

by Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures


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